Thursday, July 6, 2017

TV streaming update

uplay is geared mainly toward Thai customers.  It does provides some English language stations, some with Thai-English language options. It does provide quite an extensive listing of sport channels.  150 baht for television service only.   

In the early days of HDPrime, the service was offline for two days.  When it did return there was a period of frequent feed disruptions. That situation has improved tremendously. I mention this to explain why I recommended uplay over HDPrime last month. 

HDPrime at 380 baht per month is the better deal for persons interested in UK TV and sport TV

Both services require you to register with a Thai telephone number, as these services are only available within Thailand.  Both services also provide series and movies at additional charges.  To see what they have to offer you have to register. 

USTVNOW Some free channels once you register.  Complete service makes 29 channels available.  Offers discount price for the first two months  

 7.99 € per month, reduced rates for extended periods. 30 UK channels
As I become aware of additional television streaming available in Thailand, I'll update the TV Streams and schedules page on this blog
Sakon Nakhon

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