November or December: Phu Phan Cup

Regional football match held yearly mostly in November. 2016 and 2017 the games were held in December. No dates have been announced for 2019. These teams are not the NE regional teams, however some of their players participate.

There is generally a parade a day before the games begin, when the trophy is returned by the previous year's winning team. Opening and final game most likely will have half time entertainment

Opening ceremony & game 2017


1st Sakon B 250,000 baht
2nd Udon Thai 150,000 baht
3rd Mahasarakham 60,000 Baht

 Football Cup to be won by the Phu Phan Royal Cup, the 34th Annual Cup of the year 2015. To reach the finals
Udon Thani missed the championship. Football Cup Phu Pranacutric Cup (with clip) - Home Cable TV
Phu Phan royal palace Most of the ball.

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