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Monday, October 17, 2011

Thai floods recede, crocodiles on the loose

October 15
Thai floods claim more factories, Bangkok safe now
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October 15
Over 100 crocodiles on the loose in Ayutthaya
  Bounty hunters wanted
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Daily Telegraph
October 15 
Quantas jet makes safe landing after engine explodes
Been there, Done that  !!
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Been there done that
November 19, 1970
I was being medevaced (medical evacuation) from Alaska.
Prior to my departure I had asked the doctor to give me some powerful pain medication, just in case I would need them in flight.
The plane was en route from Vietnam, with casualties, with a stopover in Anchorage, before heading to Seattle.
I had the window seat with a view of the engine.
The explosion reminded me of a canon going off.
A trail of fire and smoke behind the engine.  The co-pilot came running from the cockpit fire extinguisher in hand.
Of course the fire extinguished when the fuel supply to that engine was shut off.
Next came the announcement; "...we'll be circling for a while to dump our fuel before landing..."
The announcement was interrupted by a POFF from an engine at the other side. No fire this time.
The co-pilot, fire extinguisher in hand, again came from the cockpit for a visual inspection.
Right about that time I popped four pain pills.
The plane landed safely on two engines.
I was feeling no pains, no anxiety when I left the plane.

Ayutthaya July 1999

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