Monday, January 23, 2017

Driving Tai Style

Double decker
School Bus
Branches are used as highway warning signs when nothing else is available
Crazy Video

Another Video worth viewing

Cleaning up after a beer truck accident

BBC comment on Thai roads

Sakon Nakhon

One more, same same

Thai Meteorology Department was right on with the prediction and forecasts another night with same lows.  After that overnight lows may range from 16 to 17.

Anticipate the hot season to begin late March and April a real scorcher 
Sakon Nakhon

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Another dining choice opening soon

Saturday in Sakon City

1 pm

Cancer Benefit Football
starts 1 pm
Sakon Pattana Suksa School field (on ITU) 

4 pm

Apples Pizza Ria 
Grand opening

8 pm

Lil' Pimp Bar and restaurant 
"Killer Pool Tournament"

Sakon Nakhon

A look back at my teaching years

I paid for the first English books at the school (S-BAC) . Before that I copied lessons from the internet, used up a lot of copy paper
I bought a couple hundred textbooks with accompanying picture magazine, and Thai - English dictionaries.
File:Hangman game.jpgLast ten minutes of each class we played hangman of words or phrases which had been discussed that period.   
The person who solved the puzzle was rewarded with 10 or 20, occasionally 50 baht. No books allowed, notes were allowed. 
The majority of the class were taking notes. 
To some of the students it just meant extra spending money, for others it meant a hot lunch
I taught English eight years without a salary. Just benefits, going places, meeting people, meeting important people, doing stuff, experiencing Thai life.

Sakon Nakhon

Friday, January 20, 2017

I'd like to see some expats show up besides me

That's my longtime friend, who has been taking care of his mom for some time.  His mom has cancer.  Has had chemotherapy treatments and seems to be in and out of the hospital.  There's lot's of costs involved, not covered by any insurance.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

You can expect to get your deposit refunded in four months

It used to be when you terminated True satellite TV service, you took the receiver to the local shop and your deposit was refunded.
It's different these days. You have to cancel in person and give a copy of your passport page.  They won't accept the box on the spot. 
Almost two months later, technicians arrive to collect the satellite dish and the box.  You can expect a refund check within thirty days after that.
Basically you can expect to wait up to three months for a refund check from the date of cancellation. 
 Of course Thai banks don't give you cash on the spot for checks  The bank processes the check, and you can expect it to clear within 30 days.
Sakon Nakhon

Apples restaurant increases service staff

Sakon Nakhon

Dangerous Roads

And that's how it all starts

A new E̶R̶R̶O̶R̶ "era" begins

Sometimes my spellcheck has a mind of it's own, especially when it comes to politics

Connection problem solved

 Received this notice from a website I use daily.  

At first thought it was a website problem. 

Only had this notice on one of two computers.

Ran a virus program, no help.  Internet searches did not help much either.

Then I decided to save my bookmarks and other pertinent browser details. Uninstalled Chrome completely and reinstalled Chrome. 
Problem solved.  Appears an undetectable addon may have been in the browser.  Have to uninstall and reinstall other browsers on that computer

I've heard some whimpering about cool temperatures,
whimper some more

Even though weather services can't agree on a temperature, daytime temperatures are going to be cooling over the weekend

The cooling temperatures are a bit more obvious during overnight lows

32 celsius = 89.6 fahrenheit
12 celsius = 53.6 fahrenheit
Sakon Nakhon

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sakon Nakhon FC 2017 season starts next month

The 2017 Thai League Football season starts next month.  Divisions have been renamed.   
Sakon Nakhon FC is now in Thai League 4 North Eastern Region, which has 12 teams.  They are in alphabetical order:
  1.  Buriram United B
  2.  Loei City
  3.  Mahasarakham
  4.  Mashare Chaiyaphum
  5.  Muang Loei United 
  6.  Mukdahan Chaiyuenyong
  7.  Nakhon Ratchasima Huai Thalaeng United
  8.  Roi Et United
  9.  Sakon Nakhon
  10.  Sisaket United
  11.  Surin City 
  12.  Yasothon
Sakon Nakhon's first game of the season is at Roi Et
Sakon Nakhon

Apples Pizza Ria Grand Opening, early Birthday celebration and Killer Pool

Sakon Nakhon

Slight gains for the baht

Bank transfer US$ to THB
Sakon Nakhon

Monday, January 16, 2017

Official swearing in ceremony takes place at midnight
on my side of the globe

January 20
Swearing in ceremony begins at 11:30 pm with speeches.  A number of live feeds are available through Youtube
Pre-inauguration broadcast begins at 10 pm on NBC, available at  USTVNOW
Sakon Nakhon

Saturday, January 14, 2017

For Thai Time, add or subtract accordingly, mostly add

Thailand National Children's Day
Chilly temperatures next weekend. Nighttime lows possibly 11 - 15.
Till then: what you see is what you get
 Best translation I came up with is
"The Stompers.
They've certainly kept their fans happy  with their first two games. 

Of course the game started 'Thai Time.'
Planned start time 6:30.  Actual start time 8:50.  

Not a problem since the two games before were riveting. 

Sakon Nakhon