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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Increased rain chance Tuesday through Thursday

 Tropical Depressions are popping up in the pacific 

สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

Friday, July 21, 2017

Sakon Nakhon apartment for rent

Just completed a new spacious 2 room ground floor apartment. Fully furnished with a full kitchen. Appliances includes 2 door fridge, microwave, cook top, The tv area has a sofa  and a 42" LED TV.
The monthly rent is 4,950 baht on a 1 year contract, includes Fiber Internet and Water. Electricity is charged at 5 thb per unit.Security deposit of 15,000 Thb required and it is fully refundable. 
For further information contact  Patrawan at 0929195935 

สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

New Cardiac Wing of Sakon Nakhon Hospital

สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

Sakon Nakhon FC extended season schedule

Gold away games
Blue home games
Click on image for all scores and dates 

สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

Increased chance of rain early afternoon and again later at night

สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

There will be more Sakon Nakhon Football 2017


Don't ask me why, don't ask me when. The only indication I have is this wiki post. What's with Buriram B? are they being overlooked?
No Announcement to date at the Official Site

I attended 15 games this season
สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

The missing link

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Waiting for a dry moment

สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

Sakon FC ends the season on a high note

Sakon Nakhon FC ended the season in 4th place in the league, winning 2-1 against Roi Et. Best standing in the team's  12 year history.  Even though the season has officially ended, there's talk that the team may be involved in some additional games.  At this point it's nothing more than rumors, nothing official, but the rumors seem to have started by one or more of the team's players
สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Of course I've mentioned it before: Today

สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

Wet week, wet month,wet season till October

Thunderstorms in the area Wednesday afternoon through late Saturday night 
Heavy Rain Shower through Saturday    
BBC weather
Weather  from NE
probably worse north of "THE CITY"

สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I hope to be dazzled Wednesday Amazed Impressed

 Wednesday through Sunday: Increased rain and thundershowers.   
 Weather seems to be moving from East with a push from Southeast (for now). 

 Final game of the 2017 season.  It's gonna be wet. 
 Hoping for a high scorings Sakon Nakhon win 

This wasn't beach goers, this was licensed paid for garbage disposal

when I was young

I just have to chuckle

There's a fashion show in town
สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

Monday, July 17, 2017

This uninvited guest is moving at a snail's pace

The eye of the present storm is moving north of us, along the Lao border, and is about to cause some problems in northern Thailand.

6:30 am 17 July 2017
6:30 am 16 July 2017
The peak of the rainy season in this area is when weather patterns shift and weather arrives from the east.  Expect real feel temperatures to rise slightly daily, starting with a low 30's and ending next sunday in the low 40's.

 Experienced two power outages this morning, both lasted about half an hour, one at 3 am another at 6am.  Some worldwide websites are unreachable at the moment. USTVNOW, BBC weather, NOOA are a few of my dailies I'm unable to reach. 
Expect further power outages, have battery devices charged and at hand. 
สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

One step forward, two steps backward

The best performance by both teams. So many near misses. Action was constant and intense. I left the game a bit disappointed because of the loss, but not disappointed  by the action I just witnessed.
A final game of the season this Wednesday.  This must be a win
Teams and present point standings
16:00Maha Sarakham UTD 28Huai Thalaeng 24
16:00Surin City 29Yasothon FC 29
16:00Loei UTD 32Mashare Chaiyaphum 38
16:00Loei City 25Mukdahan 16
16:00Sakon Nakhon FC 31Roi Et United 20
18:00Sisaket UTD 53Buriram UTD B 33
สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Swamp Football, bring a raincoat just in case

A brief moment of glory.
With three games played Saturday, Sakon Nakhon FC lost the third place position to Loei United.

A win today is a must to regain third place.
Don't underestimate Buriram. They've improved quite a bit from their not so great start of the season.

สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon


Most likely starts today with the worst on Monday
สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

Be smart, be safe, wash your feet

 Canal water levels rising

 Many areas flooded and near flooded

If your feet get wet, wash as soon as possible. Duck, chicken cow, dog cat, and other manure may be in standing water

สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

Friday, July 14, 2017

I'm guessing early August

Nearing the 1 million mark
Readership, in line with the tourist season, increases late September and slows after the April water fights

สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

2017 King's Cup
Thailand vs North Korea
4:30 pm televised

click image for thairath TV
สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon