Thursday, January 26, 2017

On the way to "One night in Bangkok"

On my way to boarding the plane I was greeted with a "hello mister Hans." I turned and returned the greeting. A former student of mine is part of the ground crew at the airport.  I do enjoy being recognized and recognizing acquaintances. 
There's a lot more pale faces (farang) traveling to and from Sakon Nakhon these days. Ten years ago you could have been the only foreigner on the plane. This time I counted at least half a dozen on the flight leaving and an equal amount of farang arriving.  I prefer the Boeing B737-800 over the the Q400. Smoother ride. 
The return flight on the Q400 reminded me a bit of a 'shake and bake' for the last ten minutes before landing. At lower altitude we seemed to be getting quite a bit crosswinds.  It's normal, but still makes my stomach do push ups.
In Bangkok I had to find a sunny spot occasionally to stop my shivering. Why they had air conditioners running  at full speed is a mistery to me.  The outdoor temperatures were quite pleasant.
Sakon Nakhon

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