Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Circumstances confirmed

Many have asked what happened.  I heard bits and pieces here and there, but I don't write about what I have heard until it's confirmed.

Doug Morton‎, who identifies himself as a nephew on facebook, wrote in his timeline of the circumstances.

Some people can read the article while others get an "article not available" message.  The article does not have a share button.

What he writes confirms what others have told me. The article was posted Tuesday morning.

Hi this is Mike's nephew Doug, here is an update of what we know about his passing which is very little at this time. His Brother Dan is traveling to Thailand to help tomorrow or soon it has been hard to get flight confirmations. Mr Ming wrote us:
Mike got an motorcycle accident last week. He broke his legs and some ribs and stay on the bed at home for a week. On Monday, Feb 20th according to Aoy (Mike's wife), Mike supposed to go see the doctor but somehow he postponed for he said he is too tired to move. On Tuesday, the day Mike passed, his condition get worse. Aoy got the ambulance to take Mike to hospital. At the ICU, doctor has to put ventilator on Mike. He shocked and his heart stopped but the doctor revive him.
Then the hospital has to get the operation room set for Mike, but because there are many patients queued that night. I managed to get Mike in the operation on the next queue. But once we got Mike to see the surgeon, he said that Mike's condition is not good for operation, then minutes later, Mike passed away.
Right now we are all in tear and preparing the funeral for Mike. We will all miss him and love him and we are sad for Aoy, Pompan and Lugate his wonderful loving wife and daughters.

Sakon Nakhon

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