Sunday, February 19, 2017

Food spoils quicker during the hot season

Many public events here in Sakon Nakhon have been cancelled or toned down since the death of the King. The mourning period is to last for one year.  Most religious related events including temple fairs, local concerts and some festivals are allowed to happen.   
How Songkran will be celebrated locally is still a big guess. Will they be having the nightly dance in the downtown square, as in past years, or will it be 'scaled back.'   
Right in the middle of this year's songkran celebration (13-17 April) is Easter Sunday on April 16.  The catholic community in Tha Rae has a yearly easter parade.   

Songkran is also the highest alcohol related accident period in Thailand.  You can be certain of many road checks and even a breathalyzer test.

As the hot season begins it's important to pay more attention to food safety.
Food spoils quicker during the hot season.  Sometimes in a matter of hours.
Make sure your food is freshly cooked or properly refrigerated.  In some cases food spoilage is hard to detect. Microwaving food does not always kill all bacteria.  Microwaving cooks food from the outside in, sometimes leaving cold spots where bacteria can survive.
Sakon Nakhon

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