Friday, April 14, 2017

Public activities toned down, but not the fun

The only thing toned down at this year's songkran festival were public events such as parades in many provincial capitals. Festivities went on as normal in most villages with parades and festivals, and of course roadside water throwing.

Meanwhile the road carnage seems to be slightly less than last year, but we are only into the third of seven festival days.  Statistics indicate the majority of accidents are caused by drunk driving and speeding

Equipment malfunction such as brake failure and bald tires also seems to appear quite often in the news.

Enforcing no riding in the back of pickups is not going to solve the carnage problem, it's just going to be an inconvenience for the poor wanting to go to work or to temples and school.   
Statistics also indicate that the majority of accidents happen between 4 and 8 pm. This is the time when more enforcement should be on the road.  Enforcements seems to be reduced during these hours, as is apparent by motorcyclist driving without helmets after 5pm.   
Confiscating vehicles from drunk drivers would quickly solve the drunk driving problem.  Speeding fines are too low to act as a deterrent.  But then that's just my opinion.
Happy Songkran

Sakon Nakhon