Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Watch out for those people who are nice to your face, but spread total lies about you

One of the benefits of not learning to speak Thai is that I don't hear rumors.  Occasionally I hear 'farang' in a conversation and realize they are talking about me. I just smile.
Since I arrived 13 years ago the local expat community has grow from a handful to hundreds. And so has the rumor mill.  Much of those rumors are blatant lies and half truths. 
In my case I can honestly state the only infection I have is a permanent ear infection.  I've had that on and off since age seven. It's more permanent these days.   
Recently had my yearly blood, stool and other tests. All tests were negative with an annotation that my cholesterol is a bit above normal.   
As for my sexual relations in the past 13 years, you can count them on two fingers.  I do what I call heart exercise most mornings.  No complaints, no backtalk from "the hand."I actually prefer a massage more than sex. 
There seem to be plenty people who have nothing better to do than to find faults in others and exaggerate them beyond reality