Wednesday, May 17, 2017

365 Sport and Thai Expat TV: The End

They were legal services for many years till they crossed the red line and made sport pay services available without paying the fees.  Thai Expat software was better than many other live streaming services, as the software allowed for extended buffering with a minimum disruptions.
iLikeHD is an alternative.  Unfortunately the livestream has frequent buffering interruptions, especially during prime time
Many former subscribers are switching, or already had Kodi.  There's a few legal actions brewing, especially to block free access to copyrighted material.
With major satellite and cable providers losing subscribers in huge numbers to web services, there will be many more illegal internet services closed down by legal means.   
Also of note here is businesses (bars and restaurants) providing customers with pay service TV, copyrighted music, or live entertainment are required to have an entertainment license. 

Sakon Nakhon