Wednesday, May 10, 2017

After the battle head for the showers

Rainy season is approaching.  Ants are looking for dry residences.  Ant migrations seem to increase dramatically just before the rainy season.  The rest of the year they seem to be content with climbing trees, and bushes.  This time of the year they seem to be heading toward my house.
A few thousand had occupied my outdoor shade roof overnight. They were red ants, they were biters, but their bite was non-venomous. Once the bite was noted, no itching, no scratching, no red spots. 
There was a few thousand, they had formed half a dozen clusters.
First thing I did was use the waterhose to create a puddle of water to stand in. Sprayed baby powder on the clusters.  That stuff is deadly to ants.  According to recent findings and lawsuits, that stuff isn't healthy for humans either. Those ants out of reach of powder dot some nasty bug spray. Dish soap and water also work quite effectively and are not so detrimental to plants and soil.
After the battle is won and casualties are retreating, best thing is head for the showers.
Before the rainy season begins in earnest I generally powder the perimeter.  I use dish soap in areas my pet visits

Sakon Nakhon