Sunday, May 14, 2017

It wasn't the outcome I'd hoped for

There was an obvious change in the Sakon FC starting lineup. Most obvious: one major player was sitting in the audience.  There were a couple other obvious lineup changes. 
First half action was a bit of a yawner at times.  Oh sure there were a couple exciting moments, but nothing that left the crowd roaring. 

Action picked up in the second half with a few close calls. 
The Sakon Goalie was replaced due to an injury. 
The mistake happened when the replacement goalie let himself get drawn too far from his goal and not enough team members rushed to defend the goal.  It was one of those goals that you knew it was about to happen, long before it happened.

The game next Sunday may well turn into a hometown thriller.
Both teams are tied for 7th place in the league with identical wins, draws, losses, and points.  Sakon FC held Huai Thalaeng to a draw in an away game.  This time it's home field advantage.
Let's hope they win this game, cause the following game, Sunday, May 28, at Sisaket is ...
Sisaket has not lost a game so far this season.
Sakon Nakhon