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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tropical Storm Nesat D.O.A

Nesat D.O.A.

Tropical storm Nesat, which promised to bring increased rain and flooding, left the area after four hours of light rain.

Like a 'Magic Dragon' it went puff in the middle of the night and disintegrated.

Those disappointed by Nesat' visit may find condolence in the next storm headed this way. Typhoon Nalgae is on on a very similar path as its predecesor.

Sanuk Caravan: Missed it
Family Rally and Trade fair
August 31 through Sept 4 2011
It's nice that Tourism Authority is posting video's of events that just happened.   Wish they would spend some time at advance publicity !!!

Thai Baht to Weaken 3.6% by Year-End...   Bloomberg

I Love it when I'm right

Years ago, back in the U.S.A., a Thai guy had asked me how he could get rid of his Asian accent when speaking English.  I told him to sing a lot.  I had noticed many foreigners singing in English seemed to have less of their foreign accent.  Apparently I was right:
Singing therapy..   Scientific American 

(Financial) Meltdown at Aljazeera
Found the forty minute videos (linked below) quite informative  and educational, especially the second video.
I had anticipated a financial crisis since early 2000. Houses were being sold and resold, each time at a higher price.
A neighbors house was resold three times in one year,, each sale raised the value by over $10,00. I knew that balloon had to burst eventually
The men who crashed the world  The first of a four-part investigation into a world of greed and recklessness that led to financial collapse. 
A global financial tsunami  Meltdown examines how an epidemic of fear caused banks to stop lending, triggered protests and led to industrial action.

Thai School parade sparks outrage  CNN   The Sun
There was quite an uproar, especially in the Jewish community, over the recent exhibition of Hitler regalia at a Thai Student day.  Of course teachers claimed they had no prior knowledge.  It was all the student's idea.
If you believe that......!!!
What it does reflect is the lack of the Thai education system.
Most of these students and teachers don't even know where they are.
I asked my students yesterday what countries are to the east of  Sakon Nakhon.
The answers were Cambodia, Burma, London and Paris.
Of course the correct answers should have been Laos and Vietnam.
These same people also thought Hainan was someplace in Europe
Metal Sculpture at S-BAC

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