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Sunday, October 2, 2011

On the SakonNakhon Waterfront

  • The Royal Longboat Races are to be held in less than two weeks, but there is still little noticeable preparation.

  • The racetrack has been cleared of seaweed and that machinery is sitting idle

  • Looks like there is a new boat on the lake. I'm wondering if that's for dignitaries only, rather than tourists.
  • Time will tell

  • A few of the boats have been parked at the waterfront, and one boarding platform has been built to date

  • The lake water level is at it's highest in the eight years I have lived here, and rising

  • Bleachers are at the beach, but have not been placed yet "On The Waterfront"

  • Did I say the lake had been cleared of all seaweed? Guess not

  • Leaving the lake park I passed some ponies along the streets. Guess They're in town for the parade? 
  • The one standing in the middle of the street did not move for the ten minutes I was there. Road Guard !!

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