Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Getting Smaller

GoPro reveals new Hero4 Session mini action cam - BBC News

Unless you are doing some undercover work, tiny cameras are really not that enticing.

The camera I have now is already a bit cumbersome.  I have to push the memory card in with my fingernails, and frequently miss.

Then there is the GoPro price $363 (£233) (฿11,616).  

There are other brand names with similar quality and features costing ฿1,550 to ฿3,500

The camera has great resolution.  The average user will find the camera handy as a dashboard camera while driving.  In some sports it comes in handy as a helmet cam.

Forget mounting the camera on an airborne device,  that's been outlawed in Thailand.

For the average user, the smartphone is just as good, with additional features these tiny cameras don't have.

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