Friday, November 25, 2016

Football is one thing all Thais have in comon

Friday Color of the day light blue

Philippines v Thailand
Channel 7 broadcast begins at 18:45
also available on FOX SPORT

AFF Suzuki Cup 2016 Knockout phase begins December 4

Phu Phan Cup begins December 19 
It's a northeast Thailand football competition generally held in November each year. For obvious reasons it has been postponed this year.  I should be getting the game schedule from the printer shortly.   
Noteworthy is the coach of the Sakon City team is a former Sakon FC team captain during that team's best year (2010). 
Sakon Nakhon Province will be represented by two teams, the Sakon Nakhon (city) team and the Sawan Daen Ding team.   
Don't miss the opening ceremonies to the games 

The event begins with the delivery of the trophy to the city

Top  three page views last 7 days United States 1003 :: Italy 820 :: Thailand 788

Sakon Nakhon

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