Wednesday, December 28, 2016

To some of us it feels cool

Coldest night of this coldspell tonight, 11 to 14C, 51 to 57F
A few cool nights and by next midweek overnight temperatures may be 20 - 21C, 68  - 70F.  Temperatures appear to be doing a wave up and down.
Daytime temperatures warm up day after New Year 33 - 34C, 91 - 93F.
Thailand weather: be prepared for a cool new year celebration
Mobile Phone security is still a big topic in the media.  Bank accounts, SSN, everything is susceptible to hacking. Extreme measures suggest you
  • copy information you want to keep, such as phone numbers, to an external device,
  • then reset your phone to to factory settings and delete all data
When disposing or selling your phone remove all memory cards 

Sakon Nakhon

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