Friday, January 27, 2017

Half of Thailand is doing the cooking while the other half decides where to eat next

Multiple small meals are healthier than three main meals. 
Eating increases body temperature. Internal organs are working digesting your food.   Large meals can also lead to legarthic feelings. 
When the temperature around you averages 100 F or above, you don't want to eat large meals during the day.  
Typical Thai eating starts the day with a soup or puree. The liquid aids in a quicker digestion and should provide enough nutrition and a number of health benefits.
Throughout the day small meals, more like snacks are partaken as hunger develops.  More soup, fresh fruit, a spicy salad, chicken wings, the choices are plentiful,  street vendors and shops are endless.  Prices start as low as 10 Baht for some meals.
Depending on the season, fried bugs may also be available, (if you must indulge bring breath mints).  
The evening meal is the main meal of the day.  Mostly a family affair and starts mostly after the sun has gone down.  Even preparation is a family affair. There's the go getters, the fire starters, food prep work and the cleanup. 

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