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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Prepare now hot season ahead

Sakon Nakhon 'Valley' is in the eye of a meeting of cooler temperatures from the north and warm temperatures from the south. Eventually, probably Friday, warmer weather will prevail.
Time to prepare the pool area for the inevitable hot season ahead.
I'll be spending some time with my new toy washing the walkways and exterior house walls.
Most of the north walkway is tiled (non-slip). Got tired of moss growing on the exposed cement. It also serves as the pool shower area

The east walkway is protected from the sun.  Some more shade plants are still needed. Much of the wind arrives from the east, the shade screen also limits the dust
On the other side of the screen there's an indication it's time to make lime juice.  I always add a bit of vodka as a preservative
Sakon Nakhon

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