Thursday, February 16, 2017

The south will rise again

I'm talking weather here.
When a cooler system from the north and a warmer system from the south converge on us.   
You probably noticed a very windy period yesterday.  Saw a dust devil (not the vacuum cleaner) before the football game yesterday.  It only lasted one or two minutes.  I wasn't ready with my camera.  It looked a lot like this video
During the game wind gusts created smaller dirt devils from dust raised by ballplayers.

Wind gusts were quite strong and there were times when I thought those 'tents' were close to going airborne.

 Expect occasional wind gusts in the 20 km (37m) range over the next few days.   
Dry temperatures (low humidity) tend to get quite dusty.  Sediment in the swimming pool, dusty floors. Time to do a bit of regular house maintenance. Dust off the electronics under the refrigerator and freezer, clean aircon filters, any electronic devices. Dust inhibits heat dissipation, shortening the life of your devices.
Sakon Nakhon

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