Saturday, March 18, 2017

It's Saturday, the sun is out, I'm outa here

Kickstarting the day

 Breakfast coffee with chocolate and muscle relaxant

Planning a happy day

Guess I been on social media since the mid 1980's.  Then known as BBS Bulletin Board Service. Had a Commodore 64 with 7 floppy drives connected to the phone.  Lived in Seattle at the time, called it "the Entertainer."

There still is rain in the forecast, 

I just don't see it. 

The weather from the west has forced the rain system to stay further south of us. 
I'm expecting a dry football field in Mukdahan later in the day

I've heard it said before, 
this time Merkel used the line on Trump

You got a nice ASS

Sakon Nakhon