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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sensible drivers pulled to the side of the road, stopped and had their emergency flashers on, vision limited safe driving speed to 30 km

Sakon Nakhon rainfall 13.3 mm    4pm to 1am 
Mukdahan rainfall 16.5mm            7pm to 10pm

Rain started right around the time we got on the road, 2 pm. It quickly got very heavy.  Then there were miles of land where it had not rained for days, then back to another heavy rain. Mukdahan was bright in the distance.
We arrived at the Mukdahan stadium at about game time and were told the field they are playing on is some distance away.  A forty minute drive, like a bat outa hell, and  we arrived at the correct stadium as halftime started. Sakon FC 0.

It was a well played game, Mukdahan players obviously performed better. Refereeing was flawless.
Mukdahan Chaiyuenyong
4Sakon Nakhon       1

Arrived home shortly before 9pm. Heard that the players were somewhere. Bus broke down, waiting for mechanic.

Sakon Nakhon