Thursday, April 6, 2017

New and existing traffic rules to be enforced

Some of the more obvious new rules, everyone must buckle up, even in the back seats of cars and busses.  Of course it will be interesting to see how this applies to songthaews and older vehicles without belts.
Then again the 100% helmet law for motorcyclists has been on the books for nearly ten years and it's a long way from 100%.
No passengers in the back of pickups has been on the books for a year, but it's just now being enforced.  This one has a bit of controversy to it.  The majority of laborers get to work every morning riding in the back of pickups.  They just have no means of alternate transportation.   Many kids get to school that way.
Poorer villagers depend on riding in the back of friends pickups to get to temples or for a holiday outing.  Then of course there is Songkran.  That's when the entire family rides in the back of pickups with a water barrel for a great time of water fights.
Rear seats in the cab of pickup trucks may no longer be used for passengers, these are made for cargo according to one police official

Then of course there is also the question: "Are parades exempt?"

Lets just say, many Thais are unhappy.  These rules will save lives, but most likely we will hear of some allowances especially for songkran

Let's not forget, soldiers in army trucks, buckle up. Can't ride in the back of a police truck either. Maybe you can, police may be exempt ??
Sakon Nakhon