Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It's like stepping out of a Pinto and climbing into a racecar

A great big thanks for all your visits: March 6 through April 6:  10,174 Page views
at this rate I should reach one million in July

New computer.  With the old PC I could open a dozen windows and go make me a cup of coffee. With the new one, when I open a dozen weather windows, they are instantaneous.  Always thought it was the internet connection.  Now I know it was the ten year old computer.
To load all my google photo albums I could load the page and go make lunch. Now that's nearly instantaneously.  It's actually faster than my three year old Macbook. 
Noteworthy: Free Microsoft 10 upgrades from earlier versions can not be transferred to a new computer.  I wasn't all too eager to spend 4,000 baht for the home edition, or even nearly 7,000 baht for the pro edition.   
At a suggestion I searched E-Bay and was totally flabbergasted GBP 4.99.  The Key was in my e-mail in less than 12 hours
Sakon Nakhon