Monday, April 10, 2017

Sakon FC climbing

Quite frankly I wasn't expecting a win at Sunday afternoon's game with Chaiyaphum .
But with their recent success I did cross my fingers, hoping for a draw.

Temperature and humidity was very high.  I kept comfortable with a wet iced towel draped over my head and neck.  Looked like a nun's habit, probably a bit strange looking, but it sure kept me comfortable.
I anticipated correctly that this was going to be an exciting game.  It was. Sakon goalkeeper Sunjundaj stopped more than half a dozen attempts at his goal.

Refereeing was ALMOST PERFECT.  One yellow card seemed to be a very bad call, the entire stadium let him know by booing.

No goals scored by either team.  While Chaiyaphum slipped in the standings from third to fourth in the league, Sakon Nakhon went one step up to tenth in the league of twelve.
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 Sakon FC next hosts Loi City on Wednesday, 19 April. Loi City this weekend moved into third position.  The first leg of the 2017 season ends with Sakon Nakhon taking a trip to Buriram.
Sakon Nakhon