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Friday, April 7, 2017

Thai New Year ahead, stay safe

Feels like temperatures over Songkran (Apr 13, 14, 15)   43 to 45 C   109 -113 F
Stray thunderstorms
Next week I'd recommend avoiding traveling long distances on major highways if it's possible.  
Songkran  compares to Thanksgiving or Christmas in the west. Folks are coming from all over the world for family reunions. A few of the local flights over the holidays are booked solid both coming and going.  
Of course I am anticipating seeing friends I have not seen in a year or more.
Haven't seen any announcement postings regarding local activities, which is not unusual.  
Appears I have a strep throat and snivels most likely caused by too much air conditioning and fans overnight.  A few days ago I passed out and hit my head on a cabinet. Have been drinking honey and taking other medications.  Not quite back to health as of yet, but feel a lot better.  Sure hope my health will be back to normal in time for the holidays.
Sakon Nakhon