Friday, April 7, 2017

Some things are better not said or written, cause that creates problems

During my early school years, year after year, my report cards repeatedly read: "DAYDREAMS TOO MUCH."
Corporal punishment with a bamboo cane on my palm or bare ass for inattention was frequently. 
I missed out on the Attention Deficiency Medication issued a few decades later to anyone not paying attention to a boring lecture.
Age 7, living in an orphanage, I was promoted to bedtime storyteller for the toddler bedroom.  I had a wild fantasy, or maybe I was just talking them to sleep.
Daydreaming is an escape from reality. 
Daydreaming the same dream too often is unhealthy.  Your subconscious mind may make it come true. Some dreams are worth repeating. 
For me it was a repeated dream I had in the early 1960's. Here I want to retire! Here I am fifty years later. Thailand.
 There are great benefits.  On your daydream you can do anything, get away with anything. Never get punished, unless that's your dream.
Of course there is a problem: Recognizing the difference between imagination and reality. Keeping them appart.

A song which I had to memorize back in school in the early 1950's in Germany:
"Die Gedanken sind frei" "The Thoughts are free." the song is from the 1840's. 
Video has English subtitles

Full text translated at wikipedia  
The great thing about fantasy is there's no age restriction.
Sakon Nakhon