Saturday, April 8, 2017

No Drinking in Public and more no's for the holidays

The military draft theater is over for another season. Red card you're in, black card, go home.
The whole event turns into a comedy when the   ladyboys prance on stage.
Many are offended to be ridiculed in public, while others use the event to strut their stuff.

Danish physiotherapists Mie Jensen and Nanna Riis Madsen have spent the past three months doing volunteer work and live at the Danish Raindrop Foundation Handicap Project in Sakon Nakhon

The government has announced further restrictions on Songkran activities, many of which may well be ignored ?!?

"...  loud music and dancing on the back of pickup trucks will be prohibited."
no huge water guns; no alcoholic drinks; no powder; no over-exposure dress and no excessive use of water. 

There's no low season on roadway mayhem

So the bunny learned to herd... Does he do windows?

Still slightly under the weather, I did sneak out of the house to visit a birthday party for a short period

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