Sunday, April 30, 2017

Two Nights in Buriram and then some shopping in Surin

It was a five hour drive and we arrived in Buriram at noon.  Lunch at the Swan was quite pleasant.  After the long trip and a great meal I took an extended afternoon nap.  I wanted to be primed for the evening action. 
Bar hopping was cancelled by a decission to attend a Buriram pro league  football game.  I hadn't been to a pro league game in over a decade. It's been that long since Sakon Nakhon was in the pro league.
The game was fun and exciting, but it's not something I'd do on a regular basis. The seats were narrow and so were the isles.  No drinks allowed in the stands.  Not even water.
Today's afternoon Sakon Nakhon FC game is at a different stadium, I'm hoping for a more relaxed atmosphere.  I know it wont be this crowded.
Sakon Nakhon