Friday, May 12, 2017

Elephant invades Lion territory

Tomorrow, Saturday at 4pm Sakon Nakhon FC hosts Surin City 
Well!  Blow me away. (extremely impressed)
That stadium on airport road, I've been naming
the 'Provincial Stadium'
is officially known as Sakon Nakhon SAT Stadium.
Sakon Nakhon Sport Authority of Thailand Stadium.
Provincial Stadium is merely the subtitle.
To this date you are still able to bring your own, or buy beer on the premises. It's not so at many other stadiums in Thailand.  The main reason being, some rowdy fans throw bottles and cans at players, and mostly at referees when the game is not going favorably.
Some stadiums have tackled the problem by only allowing paper cups in the stadium.
Most recently I was at two Buriram stadiums.  At the Big one: no drinks in the seating area, they had a drink area and a smoking area.  I thought the seats in that stadium where a bit cramped.
At the lesser known Buriram B stadium, no drinks in the seating area.  I grabbed my beer and watched most of the game outside the open fenced area. I did sit in the opposite seating area which was in desperate need of major repair. Sat there, took some pictures, and drank my beer undisturbed.

Sakon Nakhon