Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hotest today, no alcohol sales next wednesday

Hottest day today.  A few degrees cooler tomorrow, but not much. As the weekend approaches a bit cooler and increased chance of rain.
Today I came face to face with the person who spread false rumors about me.  I was tempted to confront him and call him an asshole.  I felt more comfortable simply turning my back at him. Just felt it was not necessary to call him an asshole, figured he knew that already
It appears USTVNow has done away with their free tv service.  I discontinued the $29 per month subscription. The only thing I watched was the evening network news. Just not worth the expense. Am investigating a number of alternatives.  
True tv called asking why I discontinued their service almost a year ago.  Obviously it was cost.  I don't watch 300 or 400 channels at 2,100 baht per month. The 650 baht per month online service serves my needs.
Next Wednesday is Visakha Puja Day, a no alcohol sales day.  If you can't do without, stock up early. Of course many ma and pa shops will sell alcohol on the sly.  They need the money.
Sakon Nakhon