Monday, May 15, 2017

Weather alert: The worst is yet to come

The majority of weather services (I check 12 weather services daily) are indicating increased heavy rain for Tuesday.  This will most likely begin this evening.   
Continuous rain without breaks should raise the flood warnings.  If there is no break to give canals and river time to recede, then the obvious happens.   
Galoshes are recommended especially if you have open cuts on your feet.  Washing your feet when stepping into puddles is recommended. Floods tend to wash away bacteria from household sumps.   
As of 6 am this morning, there has been no weather warning posted by the Thai Meteorology Department
August 2008 Sakon Flooding 

August 2010
Rice fields become lakes, roads become rivers

July 2013 Floods

September 2014

And then of course the end result

Sakon Nakhon