Monday, June 26, 2017

This could be Sakon FC's best season

Yesterday's 3-0 win with Mahasarakham propelled Sakon FC to 5th place of 12 teams according to official statistics.  If you look at the point standings , three teams are tied for third place with 28 points.
The goal difference is what drops Sakon FC down to 5th place.  The team needs some high scoring wins.
They are on the road for the next two games. At Chaiyaphum Sunday, 2 July, then Loei City, Sunday,  9 July. 
The Chaiyaphum game is 'troubled waters,' they are number 2 in the league.  after that things look a bit more promising for Sakon FC. Loei City is winnable.   
The final two games are home games: Buriram B on 16 July, Roi Et on 19 July.  Those last two games of the season could be / should be high scoring games.

Sakon Nakhon

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