Monday, July 17, 2017

This uninvited guest is moving at a snail's pace

The eye of the present storm is moving north of us, along the Lao border, and is about to cause some problems in northern Thailand.

6:30 am 17 July 2017
6:30 am 16 July 2017
The peak of the rainy season in this area is when weather patterns shift and weather arrives from the east.  Expect real feel temperatures to rise slightly daily, starting with a low 30's and ending next sunday in the low 40's.

 Experienced two power outages this morning, both lasted about half an hour, one at 3 am another at 6am.  Some worldwide websites are unreachable at the moment. USTVNOW, BBC weather, NOOA are a few of my dailies I'm unable to reach. 
Expect further power outages, have battery devices charged and at hand. 
สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon

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