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Monday, July 16, 2018

They change those suits too frequently

A couple photographers on the field, no credentials. They had obviously arrived with the opposing team.  They only took pictures mostly of their own team. No problem.
I've been taking pictures of  local and away games for close to 15 years. This time I was on the street which separates the field from the viewing stands. Two men in uniform told me I could not be there and to go and sit down. Hell yes I was 'upset at these provincial security guards. Asked for and received a press pass from the team representative, something they should have offered to me a decade ago.
As it turned out it wasn't these security guys doing.  It was the new 'Suit' in charge.  It became obvious when he next sent the security guards to the opposite side of the field on what turned out to be a 'wild goose chase.'
I've had great rapport with most 'Suits' in charge of football games. One even handed me a printouts of the starting lineup of the games. Never any discussion in regards to my moving around to take pictures.  
These suits seem to change quite frequently and some like to flex their authority and they are not very polite about it: The Football Grinch at Mukdahan.
Never needed a pass at any away game.  I'll take it with me to Yasothon next Sunday, but won't flash it unless confronted, which I doubt.
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