Sunday, March 13, 2016

Host Sakon Nakhon FC International Friendly with Sawan

Starting time: What can I say, this is Thailand. 
Game information was posted on Facebook. Starting time 3:30. I arrived half an hour early.  The game got underway at 4:30.   
The parking area was quite crowded.  I quickly concluded that the school had another event, these people were not here for football.

Attendance to the game was sparse. Think the team needs a promoter, better media.

A former Sakon Nakhon footballer appeared to be part of the Savan United Staff

A referee did a pregame inspection of the balls.  He grabbed two of the balls and disappeared.  Apparently to avoid a Deflategate Scandal

Sakon Nakhon missed an early opportunity for a shot from the penalty spot (11 meter).  In the second half Savan scored it's first goal from the penalty spot

There were plenty of near misses and close calls. But a couple did get through. Savan won 2-0. This was another friendly and the loss won't appear on any tally sheet
Sakon Nakhon

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