Saturday, April 9, 2016

Friends Names easy to remember: A, Bank, Dee, M, O, Funny Girl, Oley, #2, Zee

First of all, football in 100 plus degree temperatures has to be hardcore.
If you are a celsius person, over 40.
As a fan I was wearing an improvised icepack on my head.  A wet towel with ice cubes.

As for the game, lets call it a scrimmage, an informal game.
Only half of the Y.FC team showed. A Sakon FC player acted as goalie for the first half.
Referees for the game were Sakon FC players.

Y.FC players (youth under 19 years of age) gave Sakon Nakhon FC a run for their money (so to say). The Sakon FC coach was not very happy.  Didn't understand what he was saying, but he sure did not sound pleased.

Normally I'm a Sakon FC fan, this game is an exception I'm a sponsor. I supply water, ice, energy drinks and jerseys for "O" Osaka team.

A bit off topic, but I love The thai nickname system.  I know an A, an O, an M, a few Zee's, and then there's a few Banks, Oley, Funny girl.  It's a lot easier than remembering British Bob, English Tony, Australian Tony, etc.

The game was fun, but even better was the celebration at my house

Sakon FC 3 Sakon Y.FC 1

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