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Saturday, February 18, 2017

House of Pain

Noticed Fatboy severely limping day before yesterday.  Don't know what happened, but he's been at the vet for the past two days.  Seems to be improving, but very slowly. Can't jump the steps into and out of the house.  I have to carry him.  Have to keep him in the yard next week when I spend overnight at the hospital, he won't be able to get up the two steps
Have been having lower abdominal pains for months.  All sorts of tests, everything is normal except my stool. Having that camera up the caboose on Tuesday, check into the hospital on monday.
Just came to realize that the pain is not stomach related.  Was doing a lot of sitting during the hospital tests.  The pain was severe.  When I stood up, the pain lessened significantly. Seems to be a muscle or nerve that gets compressed when I sit for any length of time.  Most likely the result of a too heavy massage. 
Drunken accident has left him with some major permanent injuries.  Has already been declared 'handicapped.' Complains about a lot of pain, but does little to remedy the problem.  Most of the medication he is getting is useless.  He needs some serious pain medication and physical therapy
Sakon Nakhon

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