Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fasten your seatbelts while traveling the web

Ad probably of interest to expats in the SNO area
Rainy season also means discount season

If it's of interest, click on the image it's linked to their mega sale page.

You are cordially  invited to pay attention to that circle i. in the web address 

Click on it delete cookies
Check your settings
Block stuff you want blocked permanently

If you allow flash on trusted pages you won't be asked each time you visit

It's actually more important for web pages you visit frequently
 We should be seeing flooding news from the south any moment now. Here in the valley, lots of the heavy weather is detouring around us. see pink circle
Accuweather warns "... rain ... some heavy, and thunderstorms wednesday evening into late Thursday


May 14  Pattaya

Sakon Nakhon