Thursday, May 25, 2017

Friday Night B x x r, Weather: clear and cloudy

Rain all day 
TMD forecast 60% for today's rain factor.  This morning it's been upgraded to 90%. 
Rain may ease off early evening. I'm hoping so, I have a party to go to.   
High priority plugged in all rechargeable devices.  In case of power outages, flashlights, fans, laptop, etc can be ready.  Gas oven with cooktop assumes the kitchen duties usually performed by electrical appliances
Memory Lane 1963 
I was really drunk, army basic training. A gang of barracks mates decided I needed a cold shower. Dragged me into the shower.  I got away, ran for the door, and then along a busy highway. Now mind you wet white shorts and it's raining, leaving nothing to the imagination. For all intents and purposes, I was naked, running along the highway, chased by the 'dirty dozen.'
Memory Lane 1966 
Natrang mid 1960's. Stood outside my hut, taking a shower, naked, with soap in heavy tropical rain.  I heard traffic nearby. The road was only 50 feet in front of me. I couldn't see the traffic, so I figured they couldn't see me.  Turned out I was wrong.
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NEW 10 inch deep dish Pizza with your favorite toppings for just 225 baht 
12 inch Deluxe Cheese pizza ( A K A Margarita ) for an EVERY day (through the month of June ,) LOW price of Just 199 baht.

EVERYDAY LOW price (through June ) for your favorite LARGE Cold one .

.........65 baht....(Used to be 80 Baht )
watch Max Muay Thai, you can do so on Saturdays and Sundays , in our Pizzeria Room on the big beautiful Curved screen Samsung TV
* except the free Thai food Jom creates for her friends .

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Waiting for a Lil'Pimp Bar & Restaurant  facebook update of friday will be added here when posted
Sakon Nakhon

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