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Monday, July 4, 2011

Hope for the best...

Friday was midyear banking holiday.  Banks closed.  Dear Landlady, the rent will be a few days late.

Saturday morning, a 'hundred days after the funeral party.'  A few people staggering through the neighborhood.

Saturday evening a party across the street.  Quite a few visitors.  It was all very hush hush.  I was able to sleep undisturbed.

Sunday, Joey went to vote around noon at a nearby school.  Voting at that time was very light.

Exit polls were being broadcast after the polls closed at three.
The pie chart representing North East Thailand seemed over 90% RED.
  Pheu Thai wins 101 seats in NE  Bangkok Post
(of 126 seats)

They're calling it a landslide, I'd say it was more of an Avalanche.

Predictions, some declaring imminent disaster, are running rampant on the net.
 What could happen to Thai rice market after election?  Reuters
I have a wait and see attitude:  Hope for the best don't act surprised at the worst.

The election promise to devalue the Thai Baht perked my interest, it is of course something  I would look forward to.
The rich aren't going to stand for that unless they have their bank accounts overseas.
Pensioners will of course love it!!  I would!! 

Prior to the elections Sakon Nakhon province was near the top of the list "where pre- and election violence may take place."
Didn't hear of any. (insert Applause here!!)

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