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Friday, October 14, 2011

Average rainfall for this area measured over the last 24 hours at Thai Meteorological Department was 3inches (75.9 mm). Measured the water level at my pond (which I had previously pumped out) at near 5 inches.
Lucky there is a dry spell were some of the water can run off, before the next rainfall.

The next mayor system approaching is Tropical Depression Banyan.
It's veering to the south, possibly creating havoc in the capitol, with minor impact locally
Cruised around a bit this morning to asses the local situation.

The canal at the north end of ITU was slightly above  3/4 level.

The small pond at Wat That Dum was at capacity and overflowing at the east end
A new even larger pond has formed on the temple grounds

In the village adjacent to the temple grounds, kids were looking to catch fish crossing the road.

Rice fields seemed healthy
A few spots had been flattened by the strong rains

Creek and canal water flow is rapid

Roads conditions in the villages are worsening.  Ideal conditions for stunt driver training

Road crews were out filling holes with gravel and tar. 

Where road crews had not been able to make repairs, highway warning signs had been errected

I know I shouldn't laugh at other peoples misery.
But the picture  at the link (below) just tickled my funny bones.

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