Monday, April 11, 2016

This week Sakon Nakhon Hot, Hotter, Hottest

Click on image for current view at Thai Meteorological Department
Weather movement continues west to east.

The Earth's Hotbelt

Thai MD  all days partly cloudy, no rain in forecast this week
 Accuweather predicts afternoon Thundershower Apr 13. Hot all week, peaking  on Sunday 
RP5ru Really hot Saturday 42C 107F   
BBC Afternoon Thundershower this afternoon. Hot through Sunday  
Wunderground is holding off on the thundershowers till next Monday 
Weather com is in agreement with Wunderground: thundershowers next week.

A cold damp towel around the neck if you're on the move.  Heat rises. 
Icepack on head. Plastic bag, small towel, ice cubes.   
Surviving with just a fan? Hang a cold wet towel over the fan. Caution! don't let water drip on the motor housing. Need to re-wetting the towel about every 10 minutes

Sakon Nakhon

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