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Monday, December 26, 2016

A Christmas Story

Christmas Day was an 'under the weather day.' Bla feeling.  Probably because the previous day I had stayed up 20 hours followed by 5 hours sleep

Fixed salmon for lunch, but it's in the refrigerator.  The only thing I could eat all day was a bowl of rice with gravy. Took some vitamins and drank lots of water.

When I stepped out of the house I was greeted by an uninvited guest cowering in the corner.  Almost pleading eyes.

Sprayed it with the garden hose. Somewhat reluctantly the rat made it's way under the walkin gate.
A few hours later the rat was back. Again I chased it away with the garden hose.
Since then a ladder blocks the space under the walkway.

Will have to install some wire mesh under the walkin gate.
Installed wire mesh under the main gate last year when somebody in the neighborhood raised cats for sale and kittens kept getting lost in my yard

Dozed on and off most of the day, a bit of TV, brief facebook visit.  With quite a few visitors during the day  Let's just say I donated 15 k to Thai friends over 2 Christmas holidays.
Fat Boy also seemed a bit under the weather for part of the day. Half my salmon dinner revived him. 

Alvin was busy collecting tissues and plastic bags, wanting to build a new nest in the windowsill.

 Feeling better this morning. Football and beer and popcorn this afternoon

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