Monday, March 27, 2017

Another day of Sakon Nakhon Smiles

Game time was windy and cool, actually pleasant. 66 F with a chilly hefty breeze from the north.
I had spent the morning at the hospital outpatient clinic. An old 'industrial injury,' which had been dormant for a while, decided to revisit. From the neck through the shoulder blade agonizing and painful PAIN.  Got a shot in the rear and some relaxants. After a short nap I had to make the decision to go or not go. 
Obviously: I went.  A quick beer stop at Chilly Bar, a couple of beers at the ballgame, and the physical pains were less obvious as long as I moved carefully.
Sakon Nakhon FC hosted Muang Loi United :: A player collision early in the game, sent one man to the hospital. The game did seem a bit rough at times, the referee noticed and handed out half a dozen yellow cars. Even though the game ended in a tie, neither team scored, Sakon Nakhon FC seemed to have the upper hand in this game

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