Sunday, February 25
Sakon FC @
Nong Bua Pichai FC
Thursday, March 1
Magha Puja
No Alcohol sales
Saturday, March 3
Sakon FC hosts
Wednesday, March 7
US Consular Outreach
Udon noon to 3 pm
8-11 March BKK (televised)
2018 King’s Cup Elephant Polo
Saturday, March 10
Sakon FC @
Ubon UMT
Saturday, March 17
Sakon FC hosts
Surin City
23 - 25 March
2018 King's Cup Football

Sunday, 1 April
Tha Rae
Easter parade
Friday 6 April
Chakri Day
13 through17 April

Monday, March 13, 2017

Snowball season in Sakon Nakhon

Most Thais have seen snow in the movies or in pictures.  They've never experienced it

This hot weather is a perfect time to clean the walls of my freezer...

... And give many of my friends a first hand experience of getting hit with a snowball.  With feels like temperatures at 103 F, that's a real shock

Sakon Nakhon