Thursday, April 20, 2017


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After having seen recent games I was convinced that yesterday's game was very winnable.   
Even though the previous game was a draw, the Sakon Nakhon team knocked Chaiyaphum from it's third place perch.   
Loei City had taken over the third position, and I expected that they too would be knocked down from their 'high horse.'
There'd been some lineup changes recently and this team is performing really good. Most noticeable to me has been the goalkeeper, he's stopped at least a dozen attempts at his goal during both the last two games.

The refereeing wasn't all that great, resulting in plenty booing. 
The first half of the 2017 season ends with a road trip to Buriram.  I'm convinced the game is winnable.
Sakon Nakhon FC had been in last (12th) place and has now advanced to 9th.  I'm expecting miracles during the second half of the season.

Sakon Nakhon