Sunday, May 7, 2017

It's gonna be a nailbiter Wednesday

 As anticipated, today's game was broadcast live on a facebook feed.

There were a few feed interruptions which required a quick page reload

It was a fourth win for Sakon Nakhon FC this season, propelling the team past the halfway standings in the league.

Sakon Nakhon FC has a real challenge ahead this wednesday when they travel to Yasothon.

Yasothon is second in the league, so it may be "a tough nut to crack." It's possible though. 
If you look at the first two games of the season.  RoiEt beat Sakon FC at home and got defeated in front of their home fans today.  It could happen again.
The next home game is Saturday, May 13, when Sakon FC hosts Surin City. 

The game was live on facebook