Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Smiles are catching
they spread like a virus

I survived the flood unscathed. The water level stopped 16 inches below my door.  Only loss was food in the refrigerator due two days without electricity. 
I do have stacks of bricks in the yard I was ready to bring into the house to raise electric appliances off the ground.   
Having experienced less devastating floods of 2011 and 2013, having a stack of unused bricks seemed a good precaution.   
During the flood and after, all sorts of critters sought refuge and headed toward my doors.  Baby powder kept ants, cockroaches and other crawlies from taking up residence in my house.   
Used powdered chlorine (pool use) sparingly on cemented surfaces to keep snakes and scorpions at bay.  Of course I only used it were it would not damage plants.   
The call is out for donations to help the needy.  I don't donate to organizations.  Instead I help out friends in need. I've already done some of that and expect to do a bit more. 
The most uplifting experience for me was to see all the people around me helping each other with a smile on their face.  Smiles are catching.
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