Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It's worth checking out

Top speed test BBB
Bottom speed test STV
Ping rate is the time between sending out a request and receiving a reply

Been using BBB for nearly a decade at 845.30 Baht per month.  Recently there had been almost daily interruptions, most only a few moments, but also a couple that lasted hours in predawn hours.  The speed wasn't always what was advertised.  Recently STV added internet service to their cable service.  The TV service of 80 channels are pretty much all Thai channels.  Did come across three news channels in English, Deutsche Welle and Telemundo.  The TV service is not of interest to me since I get most of my TV over the internet.
Don't know the area covered by STV, but it seems to cover a large part of Sakon City. Obviously I will be discontinuing the slower service

There's quite a discount if you pay for 12 months at time of installation. Saved 998 Baht. Compared to BBB my yearly savings is over 5,000 Baht
Sakon Nakhon

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